Thursday, December 02, 2004


Maria is leaving work. I've asked her a thousand times to reconsider but she won't. She's all that was worth relating to there.

But to leave for Arkansas? Seriously. The job doesn't even pay more. What's that all about?

Since I probably know her best at the office, I've been told to collect money from others for a going away present. Fuck. Maria and I should take the money and run out for a night on the town. Don't you think?

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

No, wait.

Not just sleet. Thundersnow. Why do places like this even exist?

So it comes down to this.

I hate my job. I think I hate working in general. And that's too bad, because I've only really been at it for three months.

I knew when I took this job I'd hate it. Marketing. Me, of all people. But I guess English majors can't be too picky. Still. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if I was actually marketing something I liked. But trying to sell a magazine you can't even stand to read... now there's a challenge.

While I'm at it, I'm none too happy with this "city," either. It's too damn ... old. I've been here too long. It was a mistake to look for a job here after graduation. Everyone else I knew has either left, or I can't stand being around them anymore because they're still students, and it just makes me sad to be with them.

And fuck, it's sleeting tonight, too. My world is complete.

Thank god for Rasputin. There's something special about black cats. He's curled up on my feet and purring away. He seems to like it here. God knows why.